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Where does everyone live?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joanne, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Joanne

    Joanne Administrator

    So whereabouts does everyone live?
  2. Joanne

    Joanne Administrator

    I'm in Warrington in the North West of England :)
  3. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    I'm in Kent, South East England :thumbsup:
  4. dmarie

    dmarie Registered

    I am in Minnesota, USA. I can walk to the overlook and see where the Mississippi River and Minnesota River meet.

  5. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Im from Iowa, US.
  6. sobecksk1

    sobecksk1 Kayla

    South Carolina! I live near the blue ridge mountains and close to Clemson.
  7. Mellymel2008

    Mellymel2008 New Member

    Im from Montreal Quebec Canada:)
  8. wolf1

    wolf1 Registered

    I'm from West Glam South Wales.

  9. Tammy McDonald

    Tammy McDonald New Member

    I live in Rockford illinois
  10. Eileen 2nd

    Eileen 2nd Registered

    I live in Bedfordshire uk
  11. bernielias

    bernielias New Member

    I live in Tucson Arizona. USA

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  12. mandi s

    mandi s New Member

    Tyler, Texas here.
  13. golden wings

    golden wings Junior Member

    Cornelia georgia.
  14. jayne hall

    jayne hall Member

    chesterfield uk
  15. catcove

    catcove Junior Member

    Katy, TEXAS, just outside Houston, TX, USA
  16. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    Singapore @ the moment. Soon to be in London.
  17. SoySugar

    SoySugar Member

    Caracas, Venezuela and believe me is not easy!

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  18. Stormee

    Stormee Member

    I live in Alabama...
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  19. packergirl

    packergirl New Member

    I'm from Long Island, NY ...nice to meet you
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  20. julie 39

    julie 39 New Member

    I'm from Sunderland uk

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