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Work Capability Assessment Medical

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by michuk, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. michuk

    michuk Guest

    Hi there

    I am due to attend my Work Capability Assessment Medical soon and just wanted to find out if anyone else in the UK has done this and what to expect.

    The DWP have informed me that I am not entitled to any benefits as I haven't paid enough NI (even though I have been working for the last 20 years and paid my taxes!) and also that my partner works full-time, even though we are not married! The DWP have said that I just have to get better and get a job! Easy for them to say, when they don't suffer with SLE!! :mad:

    Anyway, any advice about the medical would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards
  2. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    I am in the US so I have no good advice yet wanted to tell you good luck and let us know how you make out.:wink2::wink2::wink2:
  3. michuk

    michuk Guest

    Thanks Karol.
    Much appreciated! :)
  4. Jencg

    Jencg Registered

    Hi, the best advice which was given to me was to keep in mind how bad you are on your worst day and use that as a baseline.

    That does not mean you have to pretend to feel bad but it may be on the day of your appointment, you are having a slightly better day.

    I had to keep stressing that I have to rely on my husband to help me get dressed and undressed. I also made sure the doctor was aware of changes we had made at home to make life more tolerable.

    Hope that helps.

  5. doublejulia

    doublejulia Guest

    Sorry I cant give you any advice. But good luck hope it goes well.

    The system is very unjust of course you cant work, Just tell them the truth
    about how you feel hopefully they will see sence
  6. michuk

    michuk Guest

    Thank you all for your advice and support. I will keep you posted as the outcome of the medical and also remember what they ask and do, just in case anyone else has to do this!

    My partner will be going with me, so he can help me out just in case I forget anything. I've found that since having lupus, my brain is like a sieve! Must be those horrible meds! :lol:

    Best regards
  7. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Hiya Mich,

    Good luck... make sure you don't dress yourself to impress for the wrong reasons with extra make-up, best clothes, high heeled shoes etc.

    Go looking comfy, practible, but still well presented and tell them your worst times and things you can no longer do!

    I have problems with things like holding pump to put diesel in my car, chopping vegetables and putting sheets on beds and changing covers on quilts...and so on!

    Oh! If they drop a pen or anything else on floor 'do not' under any circumstances bend to pick it up!
  8. michuk

    michuk Guest

    Hi Lesley

    Thank you for that sound advice! Have made note for myself to remember!

    Best regards
  9. lin

    lin Registered

    All the best ,good advice given . you know what you can and cant do

    good lcuk Lin xx
  10. sparkle n dazzle

    sparkle n dazzle Registered

    Hi I went for one 4 weeks ago. I get full dissability by the way. Found out today I have not got it.
    So cross, the doctor did a cursery exam, asked me to bend from side to side, hold her hands as tight as I could,get on to couch, bend at knees (could not do which annoyed her, so tried and ended up on the floor) She brought in a cup of water, and because I was able to drink from it,gave me a point of 0 and claimed I was able to use hands fully. Which has annoyed me the most out of the whole assessment, as I can not make food, put washing on line, turn taps, put bra on.....As you know, it may be alright to do one action, like I could sign my name, but I could not write a paragraph. And symptoms vary from day to day. She also asked in a throw away comment, have ther been any major incidents in the house with safety. I said no, not major, the house has not burnt down. so scored 0, howver I should have said well I have burnt myslef several times, because I forget things are hot, I have melted the odd utensil when trying to help, set the odd tea cloth on fire, forgot candles, forgot to trun tap off. But a in the kitchen, at the time major incident put images of fire men running through the house with breathing gear on. And no matter how absent minded I am, I always check when I cross the road...( so obviousy am fully aware of dangers). I came away thinking, she does not know what lupus is.. By the way I got 12 points you need to score 15..
  11. Teresajane

    Teresajane Guest


    The only advice i can give is to take a Lupus Booklet with you and give it to them to read !! My dss office was very grateful as the person who i saw had never heard of it, hope you win in the end x


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