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Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by pamela b, May 29, 2009.

  1. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Can anyone help please with advice ?
    I ahve very recently been diagnosed with SLe and also ahve hypertension and underactive thyroid and take loads of meds for the blood pressure and thyroid. I am 55 and sturggle to get to work every day. I dont take sick becasue last year when I ahd been in sopital with heart trouble I was hounded eacha dn evry day, got daily phone calls asking for help from colleagues and also ahd to go in 2x and did accounst for them at home while on sick.

    I now have a situation where the very large picture windows facing east and right in front of my desk ahve been condemned as made of greenhouse materiala nd so dangerous they cant be opened. we dotn have air conditioning. I find using the keyboard ( 90% of my work ) very harda dnt he computer makes me feel very sick and the heat and sun are really getting to me.
    I asked about taking early retirement and have been turned down flat ( without even being asked to fill in forms ) and told it is because I have not taken enough sick leave .
    Apparently to be considered I need to take my full sick benefits ( 6 months full and 6 months half pay )
    I amd either sick at work every day or as soon as I come home and it is getting so much worse with the summer
    Anyone got any advice for me at all please as I feel it is so unfair that i just hand in my notice and walkaway when I clearly cant do my job.
    Thanks in anticipation
  2. spellbinder

    spellbinder Registered

    hi pam

    sorry about your delima. have you thought about just taking the sick time and then either retire early or quit and go on disability??

    don't really know what employment is like in UK.

    sorry i don't have a better solution for you

    take care try not to stress too much
    hugs and kisses
  3. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Sick leave

    I know it sounds crazy as I can take 6 months sick on full pay and 6 months on half pay with a note from medics. I ahve never taken any as I was brought up to work and not take what i have not earned. Yes that was my dads ethics and me and my brother and sister and I are all like that.
    So i am to be punihsed for doing the right thing and going to work when I am not well enough, for passing out at work and throwing up at worka nd just going home early and then making up the time the next day !

    The logical thing is to go sick from next week and stay sick but then I will feel guilty. BUt I dont see why i should just walk away with nothing
    I am going to take the weekend and have a think but at the end of the day my health must come first
  4. dixy

    dixy Registered


    you have just answered your own question. You know what u have to do, just do it.

    Its not like you have not paid your taxes. Yes your health does come first.

    Take care

  5. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi Pam,

    Just like you I used to feel terribly guilty if I even missed a day off work and just like with you others used and abused that to their advantage for years.

    When I started to become seriously ill, I asked to cut down... well actually I told them as I'm self employed but no-one could understand no matter how much I tried to make them see it. I'm not one to spend my life complaining and saying I feel like death today but I did, all day, every day. My last year and a half at work I felt like a complete drained wreck. I simply survived from one day to the next, doing nothing at all at home in order to be able to drag myself into work. I would literally fall asleep on any available desk/table if anyone gave me 5 minutes, I was a danger to myself and others in my car, I was in terrible pain (including a two years of daily headaches) every day and I really couldn't function at any level.

    Even after cutting down I was constantly called because "only I" could do this that or the other. I was harassed constantly to take on work that I had point blank told them I couldn't do and finally I was really pushed into doing a job that was a good 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive away from home....

    While on that job, I nearly fell over several times. I couldn't feel my feet when driving (literally) and yet I was being pushed by the clients (who, of course couldn't know I was ill). I felt that they were taking my life blood and honestly I had nothing left to give.

    In the end I was almost forced off work by my docs and from one day to the next just didn't go in. I couldn't. My brain didn't even work any more and even if some clients didn't notice I did.

    By the time I stopped I had worked for twenty years (I started when I was 14) and to be perfectly honest I have no qualms about taking benefits or work pay and there is NO WAY I would give up my rights and land myself in even more trouble just because I feel guilty.

    Being ill is expensive enough. Losing most of your income and your independence is hard. There is no reward for making that even worse.

    Just the way I see it. I understand completely but really really don't think that you should be thinking of anyone but yourself. If you don't no-one else will. You have a right to take sick leave. The law is there to help and protect people like you and me and the people who made it didn't want anyone being a martyr and refusing what they were due.

    hugs :hug:
  6. Jencg

    Jencg Registered

    Hi Pam

    How I sympathise with you. I was in a similar situation with my work. My employers did not make allowances for me, despite insisting that they had! In fact, they showed very little support and when I went to my GP he signed me off work and said that I should consider the fact that I may not be fit enough to return before I reach retirement age. I was 57 at the time. So I went through the whole procedure of 6 mths full pay, 6 mths half pay and claiming incapacity benefit from the govt. Last November I ran out of time and I was dismissed. Occ Health were not helpful and told me to get a walking stick. Anyway I appealed my ill-health retirement decision and last month I was told that I had won. I am now 59 so it was a long traumatic road. I have to thank my husband for supporting me when I was an exhausted gibbering wreck. He never faultered in his support. Do you have a union who could help you? Failing that does your company have a welfare dept?

    Feel free to message me and I will help with anything I can.

    Jen x
  7. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Decision time

    Okay so I have now made my decision and am going to stick to it. i will go to work when I am fit and ring in sick when I am not. If I start throwing up at work I am going home. that will cause more trouble than if I atke long term sick . No more coming home and spemnding the rest of the day laying on the beda nd being sick. If i am not well I am not going in and I will let you all know what happens as I dont think it will be long before I get a warning and then they will get all barrells
    Angry today and this seems to happen when I am going to ahve a day or two of not being that bad as most of the time dont have enough energy to get angry just end up crying . SO maybe a better spell.
    Thanks all

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