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Works and pensions medical assessment

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by pamela b, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    First of all let me say that I do not get any cash benefits at all. Howver 4 weeks ago I applied to ahve my NI contribution paid through the Employment / support allowance. I was afraid it may effect my state pension if they changed the goal posts on number of years contributions needed. Previously I had paid them myself withoput having any income. It was my doctor who suggested it.

    I filled in the form and have been asked to travel l some 80 miles for a medical assesment.
    I can not honestly belive this as all I want is an NI of £2.10 p per week.

    Do I tthrow the towel in and pay my own as this journey is daunting and as I am currently on monthly hospital visits I seem to spend so much of my time in a state of undress in front of strangers.
    I dont know, goodnedd knows if I actually wanted some payment
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    I can't really give you much advice I live across the pond to you.

    Your doctor suggested this to you so you have his support. Did he send a letter in support of you doing this?

    In the end it might be worth all that traveling for you.
    Let us know how you get along.
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi there,

    I'm not quite sure what the system is there or what system you are under but I would say that it is worth going to any appointment that opens up rights to you as you may then, later, have other things you need to apply for and if you haven't gone through that first step it might be detrimental (?)... but, as I say, I really don't know.

  4. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    I know you are right and I have to go but it seems such a distance to travel.
    The NI contribution is £2.10 per week which I am trying to claim for and the journey will cost me around £25 plus any parking charge
    Doesnt seem right . So even if they allow it I will gain nothing for several weeks. I currently have no income at all and have not had for almost 8 months.
    But I will go and see
  5. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Do they not refund part of your journey? They do here at the equivalent of whatever public transport would have cost you to go or at a rate per km.

    Hugs and hope it goes well if you do decide to go :hug:

  6. pamela b

    pamela b Pamela b

    Hi Katherine
    No that was something I checked on and they dont py any mileage unless you are in financial difficulties when you can apply. I am but my other half works so we dont qualify !
    Ah well

  7. Irish lass

    Irish lass Registered

    Hi. Hope I have totally got this wrong but I think the fact you have approached the whole ESA route means they will assess as if you are applying for the whole thing? The assessing 'doctor' will then recommend which group you are placed in...e.g. fit to work (unemployment benefit), almost fit to work (work assessment group) or not fit to work(phew - they might leave you alone for a time). Might be better if you speak with someone there to clarify what they're doing? Dont want to worry you unduly, but please, if you are applying for this then please go through an expert - i.e. someone like D.I.A.L. They can complete the form with you. Also, they might be able to help you have the medical nearer to, or at, home(?) If you travel 80 miles they will deem you not disabled / in need of ESA.

    They can also use this medical for any DLA application you may also have? Sadly, the integrity of their doctors / health professionals leave much to be desired and they will 'fill in the blanks' themselves! e.g. I had my myopic, tinted glasses in bag = I have 20/20 vision. Guessed my weight at 12lbs heavier than I am and wrote that I have adult children (between 9 -15 actually - I just look old). Also, no parking spaces so hubby dropped me at door and parked around corner. Doc wrote I could walk 150 yards!!! (I cannot do even 30 and that can be agony). Contact your local 'DIAL', they're your very best hope. Good Luck :)
  8. charm81

    charm81 Registered

    I am sure there are avenues where by you can request an ATOS medical professional to carry out the assessment in your home. They are crazy if they think you have the ability to travel on 80 miles. Can I point you in the direction of a benefit site I have found extremely helpful, it called benefits and work. If you go to the forum you may be able to find the answer to some questions.

    All the best

    Charm :)
  9. bugsy

    bugsy Registered

    Hi Pamela,

    First of all you mentioned that you have had no income for 8 months, i was wondering if you had claimed any statutory sick pay, eveyone is entitled to this for 6 months (i think thats the length of time). After that then the Department of Work and Pensions will contact you and this is when the doors open to you claiming incapacity benefits. You can claim both of these benefits even if your other half works either full time or part time. I apologise now if i have got this wrong but from what you have said i presume that you haven't claimed anything.

    As for the medical that you have booked, is there any chance that you could contact the office of who organised this and explain to them that you are ill and ask them if there is any chance that they could organise another place closer to home for the medical to be carried out, either that or go back to your doctors and tell them that the medical is 80 miles away and see if your doctor can get the arrangements changed.

    Good luck :luck: and take care Jo.

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