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Anti-Ro/SS-A Antibodies


These immunoglobulins, commonly found together, are specific against RNA proteins

Normal Range = Negative.

It is positive in Primary Sjogren's syndrome (70%), SLE (30%), rheumatoid arthritis (10%).

Patients with antibodies to SS-A may have a negative ANA test.

Anti-Ro is highly associated with photosensitivity; both are associated with neonatal lupus.

Lupus specificity is fair.

A positive test means -In pregnant women, it can cause the condition known as neonatal lupus. Approx. one quarter of the women who have this antibody, will have a child who develops neonatal lupus.

A negative test means - If both this test and the anti-La/SSB test are negative, the child of a pregnant woman will not develop neonatal lupus.




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