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Differential Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils


Normal Range = 1.8-6.8 K/mL; 0.9-2.9 K/mL; 0.1-0.6 K/mL; 0-0.4 K/mL ;0-0.1 K/mL; 0-0.2 K/mL

Increased neutrophils suggests infection (bacterial or early viral, rarely leukemia), acute stress, acute and chronic inflammations.

Increased lymphocytes suggest viral infection (especially, infectious mononucleosis, pertussis), chronic infection, drug and allergic reactions, autoimmune disease.

Decreased lymphocytes suggest immune deficiency syndrome.

Increased monocytes suggests inflammation, infection.

Decreased monocytes- depleted in overwhelming bacterial infection.

Increased eosinophils suggests allergic states, drug sensitivity reaction, skin disorders, tissue invasion by parasites.

Decreased eosinophils suggests acute and chronic inflammation, stress, drugs: steroids.

Increased basophils suggests hypersensitivity reactions, drugs.




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