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ENA (Extractable Nuclear Antigens)


These are other antibodies to proteins in the nuclei.

Includes -

     - anti-Sm

     - anti-Ro (especially associated with lupus skin disease, heartblock in neonates and Sjögrens syndrome. It can 'leak' across the placenta and lead to slow heartbeat in the developing foetus: this can require a 'blood change' as soon as the baby is born.)

     - anti-La (SLE, Sjögrens syndrome)

     - anti-RNP (if present with antibodies to DNA, then diagnosis is SLE, if present alone, then diagnosis is mixed connective tissue disease, MCTD)

     - Anti-Scl70 (systemic sclerosis)

     - Anti-Jol (polymyositis)

     - And others




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