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Kidney Biopsy


A kidney biopsy provides kidney tissue which may be microscopically examined to diagnose the cause of kidney disease.

No sedative or pain reliever is needed for the procedure, but some doctors give some sort of medication beforehand.

You will need to lay on your stomach, with a pillow under your stomach to help straighten your spine. A local anaesthetic will be injected. The doctor will locate where your kidney is using ultrasonic equipment, you will then be asked to take a deep breath & hold it while the doctor inserts a needle into the kidney.

When the local anaesthetic is injected, there will be a prick and a mild stinging. As the biopsy is done, there will be an aching feeling. After the test there may be muscle soreness. You may see bright red blood in the urine the first 24-hours after the test. If the bleeding lasts longer, inform the health care provider.

It should take around 30 minutes. You will probably need to stay in hospital for monitoring & bed rest for 24 hours afterwards.




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