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Hives (Urticaria)


10% of lupus patients will develop hives at some point in the course of their disease. This is one of the few skin rashes of lupus that itch.

Most cases are related to coincidental allergic reactions, but an uncommon form of lupus may be associated with 'lupus urticaria'.

Most of these patients have deficiencies in certain blood complement components.

Hives are red, itchy welts on the skin that come and go over the course of minutes or hours. All types of hives can cause itching. They usually form on the skin but sometimes hives form in the soft tissue of the mouth, eyes and throat.

Hives are the result of an allergic reaction in the skin. They are caused by the release of histamine. Histamine is released when a person's immune system tries to fight a foreign substance. The release of histamine causes inflammation in the skin.

It is managed with antihistamines, antiserotonin drugs & steroids.




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