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Mouth & nose ulcers


Mouth ulcers may be solitary or appear as crops of lesions, they can be found on the tongue, or any part of the mouth.  

Symptoms of mouth ulcers include soreness, swelling around the ulcer, difficulty chewing, visible sores in the mouth.

Keeping the mouth clean (good oral hygiene) will help prevent some mouth ulcers and can stop existing mouth ulcers from spreading or becoming more infected.

Keep area clean and clear of food scraps. Use a mouthwash of warm salt water solution (1/2 teaspoon salt in full glass of warm water). Over the counter treatments for mouth ulcers can sometimes help. Avoid spicy and acid foods which can aggravate the ulcers.

Nasal ulcers are less common, & may result in nasal septal perforation.

Antimalarials & steroids are helpful, nasal ulcers sometimes respond to vaseline.




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