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Muscle pain


Muscle pains/aches are called myalgias.
In lupus, myalgias are most frequently located in the muscles between the elbow & neck, and the knee & hip, myalgias are rarely associated with weakness.

Inflammation of the muscles (myositis) is observed in approx 15% of SLE patients.
Symptoms of myositis are pain, muscle weakness, & muscles that are tender to touch.
Myositis is diagnosed by a blood test called CPK (creatine phosphokinase), & can also be diagnosed by EMG & muscle biopsy.
The muscles normally affected by myositis are the neck, thighs, shoulders & upper arms).
Also, weakness of the hands, wrists, ankles & feet can occur because of nerve damage caused by inflammation. 

Myositis requires steroid therapy, as muscle inflammation may cause permanent muscle weakness & atrophy (wasting) if not treated.

Muscle aches experienced by lupus patients can also be caused by the condition 'fibromyalgia'.




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