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Sub-acute Cutaneous Lupus (SCLE)


Sub-acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus (SCLE) - A nonscarring rash that can coexist with both discoid & systemic lupus, but may be a 'bridge' between discoid lupus & SLE.

SCLE is sometimes described as a disease midway between SLE and DLE, & it can coexist with both SLE and DLE.

SCLE appears to affect primarily white females.

It is a rash seen in about 9% of lupus patients; 20% with SCLE also have lesions typical of discoid lupus. SCLE doesn't scar the skin, & the lesions do not usually itch.

85% of people affected by SCLE (85%) are extremely photosensitive.

Approximately 70% of people affected by SCLE have a positve test for anti-Ro (SSA).

60 to 81% of patients with SCLE have positive ANAs, but only about 50% of the positive ANAs are of a significant titer.

Cutaneous vasculitis is a common occurrance with SCLE.

SCLE is treated using antimalarials, steroids, cytotoxic drugs, sunprotection, & cortisone creams.

Although usually a disease of benign nature, some SCLE patients develop severe life-threatening disease.




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