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Thrombocytes (blood platelets) are tiny particles in the blood that are essential for blood clotting, and thrombocytopaenia is a deficiency of these platelets.

Symptoms include petechiae (Small haemorrhages, or pinpoint lesions, on the skin), excessive bruising, & bleeding gums.

Idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura (ITP) is a condition where there are decreased platelet counts, along with the presence of platelet antibodies. ITP can be present in patients who do not have lupus. It is usually treated with corticosteroids, or with low doses of a drug called danazol.

Lupus patients can also get qualitative platelet defects. Functional blood clotting can be affected by aspirin, chronic renal failure and platelet antibodies, even when platelet counts are in the normal range. NSAIDs and steroids disrupt platelets, and induce purpura (black and blue marks on the skin). I




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