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  1. Living with lupus
    Still trying to figure out what is causing my flares. its been almost four months since Ive been able to full bend and straighten my knee. Since being Positive ANA and I know I haven't been fully diagnosed yet I had to do something that I could control instead of just sitting in pain. I...
  2. Medications
    My doctor wants to put me on Quinacrine (a compound medication) after having a mild allergic reaction to Plaquenil. Does anyone have experience with this medication and its side effects??? Thanks! -Sierra M.
  3. Personal Stories
    My Lupus Story I am 2 months from turning 21 and I've been living with Lupus & Arthritis for 4 years. I've only been diagnosed for 2 years but I was suffering the symptoms for 2 years before they figured out what was wrong. In that first year I was "diagnosed" with 15 bouts of Influenza and 1...
1-3 of 3 Results