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  1. Symptoms
    Is this a "butterfly rash?" Please see the attached picture. It comes and goes, but it's there most of the time. It also usually feels warm to the touch, but it's not raised or scaly... It's flat against my skin. It's also not Rosacea as I regularly see a dermatologist, and it does not look/feel...
  2. Not Diagnosed Yet?
    Hi! Super new here and embarassed to be posting as I feel like this is very far fetched to be wondering! A few days ago I noticed this very faint rash on my face. It is not very noticeable at all and just looks like a bit of a flushed face which I typically get, however, it has lasted a few days...
  3. Not Diagnosed Yet?
    Is this possibly a butterfly rash? It's on my face pretty much everyday, but didn't appear until two or three years ago. When I am feeling unwell, it is worse. It doesn't itch or hurt, but my face does feel hot (I often lay in front of a fan) I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results