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  1. Living with lupus
    So I went for an abdominal ultrasound this morning, the technician had the wand on my stomach for less then 3 seconds when she smiles and casually says, "the baby looks healthy!" This statement caught me way off guard. I have been told I was unable to have children since before I was 12 due to...
  2. Relationships & Lupus
    Hello all, I am new to the forum and am hoping to get some advice/support. So my wife of 15 years has what seems to be Lupus, though she has not have a confirmed diagnosis. If you go through the checklist of Lupus symptoms however, she has nearly every symptom and then some. She has been...
  3. Relationships & Lupus
    Hey guys, So I'm new to the whole being diagnosed thing and I am struggling in terms of my health (I can't remember the last time I felt OK). But despite that I am a very sociable outgoing young girl who is still wanting to go out and meet guys (and possibly even go on dates). My issue is...
1-3 of 3 Results