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malar rash

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  1. Not Diagnosed Yet?
    I'm not sure what I have, but so far it's stumping doctors. I threw out my back in late January. I know that sounds like a strange way to begin my story, but stay with me, as this is all seems causally related. The MRI showed I have a small annular tear (high-intensity zone) in a lumbar disc...
  2. Not Diagnosed Yet?
    Hi! Super new here and embarassed to be posting as I feel like this is very far fetched to be wondering! A few days ago I noticed this very faint rash on my face. It is not very noticeable at all and just looks like a bit of a flushed face which I typically get, however, it has lasted a few days...
  3. Not Diagnosed Yet?
    I was recently diagnosed with having Hashimotos... i know nothing of my results yet other than my doctor call saying my tests were positive- my follow up is Monday. Awhile back I developed a single dry patch on my face- I didn't think anything of it until it didn't clear up and then later...
  4. Symptoms
    Hi everyone, I'm new here :) I just wanted to ask if anyone with milder symptoms would be willing to share their experience with lupus? I'm 25 years old, and have been having strings of vague symptoms for around 2.5 years now (bouts of terrible fatigue, mild fevers, hive like rashes after...
1-4 of 4 Results