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  1. Medications
    My doctor wants to put me on Quinacrine (a compound medication) after having a mild allergic reaction to Plaquenil. Does anyone have experience with this medication and its side effects??? Thanks! -Sierra M.
  2. Medications
    Hi everyone, I'm really interested in trying quinacrine - I've already tried plaquenil and chloroquine. The plaquenil didn't do much; the chloroquine has offered some mild relief. The lupus mainly seems to affect my skin, and from what I've read, quinacrine really helps people with skin issues...
  3. Medications
    Has anyone taken Quinacrine? I just picked up my prescription today (25MG) and wanted to know some common side effects. I know this medication can cause dizziness and yellowing in the skin, eyes, and waste. I had one doctor tell me its common to get yellow eyes and skin and another tell me it...
1-3 of 3 Results