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Hello Becks

I agree about getting tested for anemia, thyroid and diabetes.

I suggest asking to be put on Mepacrine too which is more likely to help than simply increasing the Plaquenil. It adds to anti malarial pow and increases the effects of the Plaquenil while bringing its own special benefit of energising.
Maybe you have one of these very conservative doctors who don't appreciate the need to get the lupus under control as fast as possible so it has the least effect on quality of life, and is less likely to progress or flare

We have to bear in mind that with the usual long intervals between appointments it is best to have several options if the first doesn't work. So try for the Mepacrine and also discuss what to do if that isn't enough. If the Mepacrine isn't a possibility at all then you will be discussing a drug like Imuran (azathioprine) or methotrexate. If there is any choice between the two I personally would go for the Imuran.

With a bit of luck you'll be feeing much better by the time of your wedding. if you aren't so good at that point you could ask for short course of Pred to tide you over if need be. Naturally, you'll have to foresee that possibility and arrange well in advance

All the best
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