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15 Weeks and Flaring, High-risk pregnancy?

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I don't have an "official" lupus diagnoses yet, just have been told I have an autoimmune disease. Chances for lupus are pretty good as my mother has it also. So here I am 15 weeks pregnant and running a low grade fever every day, the rash on my face is getting darker and I am tired all the time even though I am in the second trimester.

Today my midwife calls and lets me know that they received the blood work from my primary care physician and they are classifying my pregnancy as high-risk and sending me to consult with a perientologist at another hospital over an hour from my house. Yikes! Like I need this right?

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HI Jen,

I know it sounds alarming , but being classified as "righ risk" is actually a good thing and the right decision for you during pregnancy. The hope is that by watching you and baby extra caefully they can prevent or detect early any problems, gving you a better chance of a good outcome (live and healthy as possible mum and baby). So try not to think of it as being certain to have problems, but being given the VIP treatment.

Are you under the care of a rheumatologist? It does sound as though you are flaring, and it also sounds like they are pretty sure you have an autoimmune problem, so it seams sensible that they treat you. Prednisolone is one of the safest drugs you can take during pregnancy. It works quickly, and is commonly used for most of the autoimmune diseases, so not being 100% sure which one you have shouldn't matter (and it sounds like SLE in my opinion - but I;m no doctor!).

All the best with the perinatologist, and good luck with the traveling. 'm sorry it is tiring and extra worry, but really the aim is to make things better and safer for you, not worse:p

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The funny thing is that I probably have had this with both of my previous pregnancies too. My only complication with the two previous pregnancies was pre-eclampsia. With my first I was on bed rest for the last two weeks and went into labor naturally on my due date. With my last pregnancy it was more like *trying* to be on bed rest for the last two months and being induced two weeks before my due date because the baby had fluid around her heart. I am on vitamin D therapy (my level was really low) and we are hoping that helps in preventing the pre-eclampsia this time around.

Hi Jen,


Sorry to hear you are flaring...they say pregnancy can either flare you up or put you into remission..hope this is just a little minor flare for you.

Honestly, being high risk sounds scary, but really is a blessing. they monitor you so closely. I was high risk for my first pregnancy as well as this current one.

You can expect several sonograms to monitor babys growth and development. I have one every 4 weeks and its kinda cool to get such frequent "peeks of the inside".

I also see a pediatric cardiologist who does echo of the baby 2-3 times to make sure my lupus isnt effecting the baby's heart. Its rare, but some of our antibodies can cause a heart condition in the fetus.
Sometimes yes, all these appointments are a bit overwhelming but I feel so well protected by the time I give birth. It gives extra reassurance that the baby is going to be OK.

Good luck with your pregnancy and feel better soon!
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