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Hi Jen,


Sorry to hear you are flaring...they say pregnancy can either flare you up or put you into remission..hope this is just a little minor flare for you.

Honestly, being high risk sounds scary, but really is a blessing. they monitor you so closely. I was high risk for my first pregnancy as well as this current one.

You can expect several sonograms to monitor babys growth and development. I have one every 4 weeks and its kinda cool to get such frequent "peeks of the inside".

I also see a pediatric cardiologist who does echo of the baby 2-3 times to make sure my lupus isnt effecting the baby's heart. Its rare, but some of our antibodies can cause a heart condition in the fetus.
Sometimes yes, all these appointments are a bit overwhelming but I feel so well protected by the time I give birth. It gives extra reassurance that the baby is going to be OK.

Good luck with your pregnancy and feel better soon!
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