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Hey, I'm writing from my hospital bed, been here since friday because of chest pain and shortness of breath. Went through a zillion tests, was put on blood thinners to treat suspected clot in lungs, can't have cat scan as I'm 16 wks pregnant.didn't stay on blood thinners because I have a low platelet count,ITP. Docs are discharging me today with inflamation in the lung, I was put on 20mgs pred. I haven't been given anything for pain:( tylenol does not work. I deal with my daily joint and muscle pain but the lung pain was of concern because of the breathlessness that came with it. My hormones are raging, pregnancy, and prednisone!and pain. Lethal combo for agression.:( will I ever be myself again? I've become a monster, does it go away when its all over? I want to be back to my normal, calm, easy-going self
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I wish I could tell you that for sure it'll **all** go away once it's over, but of course I can't. The pregnancy hormones will certainly abate though at some point... about 25 weeks from now or less ;)

For me, pregnancy hormones tended to calm me down substantially, and it helped that being pregnant brought my lupus into remission too. The hormones after delivery were quite nice too in my case. Unfortunately you're experiencing quite the opposite of me!

I certainly understand the prednisone effects though. I definitely became much more aggressive on 20mg a day! Best wishes for smoother sailing for a while, and that the prednisone starts helping with the pain/inflammation.
I'm sorry to hear that your feeling so bad at the moment. I had a terrible pregnancy with my youngest daughter so I can understand how you're feeling
right now. I can't really offer much advice other than rest, rest ,rest but I'm
sending lots of hugs and I hope your feeling better soon.

Take care of yourself

Elle x
Hi Reisha Just to wish you good wishes that you get well soon Best Wishes Keep Your Feet Up Elisabeth:)

oh dear reisha what a bad time you are having :sad: you are in the best place at the moment though where you can be looked after properly & closely monitored.

I was so lucky through my pregnancies as I went into remission..although I was hospitalised a number of times due to severe morning (24hour!!) sickness,then I had constant water infections which aggravated the sickness,it was certainly no fun at all!

sending you big sympathetic hugs reisha :there: :hug:
take good care,I hope you feel a lot better soon!
keep us updated..karen x :getwell:
Dear Reisha,

Sorry to hear you're having such a horrible time at the moment. :sad: It WILL get better so keep going. :) All the others have given good advice, so when you get home, look after yourself and rest lots!!

Take care, thinking of you
love Cathy x

Sending gentle hugs and healing vibes your way. So sorry you are having such a rough time...I hope you are feeling better soon.

Yes, the hormones are rough, I am a monster and not even taking prednisone...I am usually a very calm, mild mannered person but when pregnant I turn into some kind of lunatic! :eek: It does subside toward the last trimester.

Focus your energy on healing and resting. Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.

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