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2 dx's

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Hello All! Went To A Nuerologist For The First Time On Tuesday And Got 2 Diagnosis' . Was There For An Hour And A Half And Many Tests Later Came Up With Discoid Lupus And Hypercoaguable State, Primary. I Go Monday For An Mri, Mra , And A Mrv. I Have To Have The Children Tested As It's Heredity And A 50/50 Chance On That.i Will Have Them Tested After My Results Come Back From The Mri's So We Know More. The Mri's Are On My Brain As I Do Know I Have A Clot On It. For The Kids They Will Due An Inr Blood Test To Test The Thickness Of Thier Blood. I Will Post Results For All Of Us As Soon As I Can. Thank-you For Your Support And All The Laughs In The Chat. Your Friend Gsd77> Laurie :)
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Hi Laurie,

I'm glad they worked out what is wrong with you. Have you started treatment for both conditions yet?

All the best with the testing of your children. I imagine that must be a major stress for you:(

Feel free to keep posting here:p

Hi Laurie

I am pleased that you have some answers. I hope that the rest of your tests on you and your children go well.

Let us know how you get on. Also excuse my ignorance but what is hypercoaguable state?

Speak to you in chat soon

Hello Laurie,

It's great to hear that you have got some answers and that they are being so thorough as well as checking the children.

I hope this means a new beginning for you treatment and life-quality wise.


Lots of hugs going your way, chat soon!
Hi, and glad you were able to get answers......or at least on the way to them. means that the blood clots faster or above the rate desirable. A side of this would be to get clots in the brain causing strokes, or in the lungs forming an embolism, in the heart it could cause heart attacks... This can be hereditary, usually seen where a high % of members had strokes or heart attacks. A good reason to understand the family history.
Hi Laurie

Im very glad that you have finally got some answers but sorry you are having to deal with all this. Its a double edged sword isnt it?

The best of luck with your MRI results. I hope the proposed treatment is easy enough for you to handle.

Glad you enjoyed the laughs in chat:hehe: I had great fun the other night too :hehe:

Take care and hope to hear from you soon
I am glad you finally got your dx and am sorry that it seems you have so much on your mind with the health of your children in question also. If you need me I am here Laurie day or night just call or look my up on the computer. Take one day at a time love and be thankful for everyday that you can still move around. Well keep us posted as to the tests on you and the kids. See you in the chat room soon. You also make us laugh also.
Thank-you All For Your Concern And Friendship! As Soon As I Find Out Results I Will Post Them. All Take Care Be Well And Safe, Your Friend , Gsd77> Laurie
I will be thinking about you. Best of Luck,
x Lola
Hi Laurie,

I am glad you have managed to get some answers and I hope the tests go well.
Take care

Elle x

Not sure if youve had the MRSI doen yet, but hope it went/goes well!

I hope to catch up with you tomorrow in chat if youre up to it, but for now i'm off to bed!

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