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Lupus causing miscarriages is more associated with later term miscarriages/stillbirths than early miscarriages (ie 1st trimester miscarriages). Has your doctor measured your progesterone during your previous pregnancies and found it too be low or is the doctor just hypothesizing?

If you're being seen by high risk doctor then I assume you know which antibodies you have, and are already being given appropriate treatment such as baby aspirin or heparin (if you have clotting antibodies) & staying on Plaquenil for the lupus itself. Maintaining appropriate treatment for your lupus is the best way to help prevent pregnancy problems...

There are may women that have low progesterone and simply using a suppository or taking some progesterone during that first trimester can get them to carry to term. If that is your documented problem... then the good news is there is very effective treatment for it if your levels are being monitored early on.

Sorry to hear about your second miscarriage... best wishes and prayers for a full term pregnancy in the near future whenever you're ready to try again.
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