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One day I got a call from school early in the year
Your daughter is ill and in pain please collect her
She was 13 years old and a dancer and athlete
Little did I know this was just the start of it

I took her from one Dr to the next as any mother
But they looked at me wondering why I bother
I understood her discomfort and constant pain
I knew it wasnt just a thought in her brain

I watched her change from a happy teenager
To where depression was a danger
'Nobody believes me and nobody has a care.
I am in pain, tired and so ill it's just not fair!'

She's young shes strong she'll get better
Thats's what they told me even in a letter
I believed what they had to say
I was positive and believed them every day

After years of believing it did not happen
My heart was heavy and I was beginning to sadden
So back I went and pushed for an answer
What had happened to my beautiful happy dancer

As a neurotic mother I was often portrayed
While her treatment was annually delayed
Finally seven years later we saw a Doctor who believed
A diagnosis he promised to find we were so relieved

2008 was a year to remember for me
Its the year my daughter was diagnosed with Lupus SLE
The year I started my campaign to raise awareness
So people will understand and care more not less

So please support my campaign and sign my petition
A name, address and email needs to be given
They wont publish your address or peronal information
Just your name will be displayed as confirmation

by Martine Mockford

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i'm so sorry for all you and your daughter had to endure to get a diagnosis...
it took 2 years of many "top" dr's and continuous labs for my daughter to get a diagnosis of HUVS (which often is accompanied with SLE) the only marker that "defies" the diagnosis of SLE is that my daughter's ESR rate is always low normal or below normal (when she's in a flare, the nmbers actually decrease). we know what it's like to be called neurotic as well as being blatantly told my daughter was fabricating her illness. our hearts are with you and your daughter...
i unfortuantely cannot sign your petition as that i live in USA-- but am just an email away...

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Martine, no trouble I have signed. I will also get the rest of the family and other friends to do so. Thank you for taking the trouble to set this up.
I have Lupus so does my Daughter. (she is 18 this month)
x Lola
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