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24 hour urine

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Hi there !

Just wondering if anyone knows how much urine collected is considered normal. I tried to find on google but the only thing I found was 800-1200 which seems like a large range. I read it depends on height age and weight but can't find a chart.

My urine was 700. does anyone know of the chart they go by?


sure I will find out soon enough anyway
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I do not know and I also tried to Google it for you but since I am truly computer stupid I did not come up with anything.:rotfl:

I am sure someone with more knowledge will be along with a answer.

Let us know how it goes.:wink2:
Hello Paula
1.5 litres seem to be average for adults and below 500 mls abnormal
1.5 l = 3.170 064 615 US pints. ( I couldn't resist that ) I'd say you can leave it to lab and doctors.
Mine has always looked pitiful in that huge jug

Hi Paula,
I wondered the same thing when I did that catch twice.

I don't remember how much was in that orange jug. I know it was quite full by morning. For some reason over night it filled up. ;)

Take care,
I think normal ranges do vary an awful lot. I'd also say that below 500 ml would be too little though. If you drink the 8 glasses of water a day that a lot of dieticians etc recommend, then that would take you to 2 litres. I have been told to keep up fluids to keep my urine weak as I get a lot of infections otherwise (I have a catheter for complete retention) and my daily output is between 3 and 3.5 litres - and I'm still told that that is not abnormal! The kidneys do seem to adapt well to changing fluid intakes though - if you don't take in so much, they just filter harder and make the urine more concentrated; if you take in more, then the urine is weaker, and whatever your intake the kidneys make sure your blood stays at the right levels. What doesn't change is the total daily amounts of things in the urine which is why a 24 hour sample is so much more accurate in things like protein and creatinine estimations than just a small sample.
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hi ive done lots of them oveusley if dont drink lots you wont pass lots but 1 to2 liters per day is about average if checkin kidney function you should noye input and output *bundy
Clare ! I had to re-read that and still have no clue ! :rotfl:

But I understand somewhat.

It is a huge jug and it did look like so little. I will wait for the doctor's results !

I would like to measure what I actually drink per day. Maybe one weekend I will measure my intake just to make sure I am drinking enough fluids. It makes more sense to drink a lot right rather than not that much?
Hi Paula
Come to that, what does 800 mean, 800 whats ?

All the info was in litres so I went to the trouble of converting it for you.
3 US pints seems to be the average for adults and below one pint is considered low. US means American because the Imperial pint is 20 fl ozs not 16.

Don't you know roughly how much you drink ? It is possible to drink too much and disturb the balance of electrolytes, or something like that.

It seems slight overkill to me trying to work it out for yourself. How do you know how much you sweat. The lab will signal if there is too little.

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As a rule of thumb, the average person will urinate 500ml less than they drink. Here we need to count all fluids, so soup, yoghurt, water tea, everything sloppy.

This "missing" 500ml goes into sweat, water vapour in breath and in faeces and vomit

Obviously the amount lost through these "ïnsensible" routes can vary a lot for example diarreah, or heavy sweating. In hot climates the sweat fluid loss can be well over 3 liters per day!

In terms of how much you should drink, practice moderation. Your urine should be pale yellow in colour. Dark urine is concentrated, and a sign you need to dring more. Crystal clear urine is also unnecessary - so don't overdrink. I know someone who almost died from water poisoning - he drunk 10 liters in one day. Overhydration is unlikely unless you are really overdoing it. Just be sensible :p

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I have to admit, I'm amused with this discussion. A few months back I had to do the 24 hour elimination thing and during the 24 hours I measured how much fluid I drank to compare to how much came out. I have sjogren's so I drink a lot so before the 24 hours was up I had filled that huge jug but it did equal (almost exactly) what I drank. I have to admit, though, I was embarrased taking in a full jug and didn't tell anyone that wasn't my total for the 24 hours.

fluid balance

For other reasons I have to check my totals every now and then for a few days at a time. I've found that the amount I actually drink pretty much exactly matches the amount I pee. In the intake column I don't count the fluid that comes in food, or fruit or stuff, just obvious drinks. I'm guessing that the "hidden" fluid I consume is probably about equal to the amount I sweat or otherwise lose. It is very difficult to match intake to output, and a few hundred ml either way is probably just inaccurate counting. It is quite interesting though how different "normal" can be in this area.
Very good points made !

I think I do drink enough. Although sometimes I find that there are days when I just don't feel like drinking and even water seems like too much.

But for the most part, yes I think I drink enough.

As for the test. It went by ml. So mine was 700 ml for the 24 hour urine.

I picked up my test last night. Although this test doesn't give you the range so the doctor reads it and you can't distinguish if normal or not.

The creatinine, urine, random says 172 and no normals available. I assume that means they aren't giving you the normal range.

Guess I will wait for the doctor on that on!
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Ok I faxed over the results to my rhemo who left a message on my machine. The message said that my kidney function is good that my kidnes are doing what they should but that there is a problem with the protein leaking through, that you have no more than 300 milligrams a day and mine was 900. He said that was abnormal but not severely abnormal and doesn't think it warrants a kidney biobsy but that it does warrant the kidney doctors opinion. So whenever that doctors calls me I will be sure to ask specific questions.

I was looking for the post that someone started asking if protein can leak through with normal kidney function and can't find it......maybe I misread.
Small amounts of protein can leak through a healthy kidney in a healthy person (but then it is less than 150 a day), anything over 300 as your doctor said is more of a concern but they don't really get concerned enough to do something like a biopsy until it goes even higher as in 2000-3000.

When you talk to your kidney doctor, be sure to ask her what steps you can take now to protect your kidney function. There may be dietary changes, prescription changes, etc that can greatly improve your kidney function. Avoiding NSAIDs has been helpful for me for example.
HI Paula,

I am sorry your 24 hour collection did confirm your proteinuria. Good on you for sticking to your guns and getting that referal to the nephrologist.

Does the nephrologist have the results yet? Whan is your next appointment with her?

I think the urgent and important question for you now is - how well is your lupus controlled? If in addition to the joint, skin and general malaise lupus activity you have ,you also have active renal involvement, then there is no way you should be on less plaquenil or immuran, rather you need treating more aggresively to get this all under control.

What are your bloods doing at the moment?

Hopefully the nephrologist will be able to guide your rhumatologist in this matter - can they contact each other?

In terms of your question - yes it is possible and common for someone to have proteinuria and still have excellent renal function and normal bloods. Whilst this is reasuring that your kidneys are doing fine and you don't need to think about dialysis or anything, it doesn't mean there isn't a problem, or exclude lupus nephritis. Indeed, given this result you may well have a degree of SLE nephritis. Your nephrologist will be able to better judge this, and may want to do a biopsy to confirm. After all, there is an important decision to be made depending on the result of how your kidneys are affected - do you need a change of meds?

All the best,

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My last 24 hour urine was 2150 ml, a new record! The very nice lady at the lab actually said she was proud of me :lol:
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