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i am one of the younger ones on board here, 15 years old and its summer time! because its summer time i may not be taking it as easy as i should. i havent felt good in over 2 weeks. :( ! SOMETIMES i can get away with just going and going and not paying attention to my symptoms but when i do that i always end up having to stop abruptly and regain my strength. sometimes i even collapse when my body just cant take it anymore :sad: . As of this moment my knees are swollen, Im always exhausted, my vision sometimes goes fuzzy, im nauseous and seem to have had a fever, going up and down and all around, for over 2 weeks :eek:! i also have trouble sleeping because everything aches. i hope this ends soon because im going mad having to slow down my summer! sounds kind of selfish in a way (i think) but i was really looking forward to this summer and now im having to put it on hold. oh well, hopefully this will end soon! :) thank you all for listening to me rant. best wishes to all :hehe:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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