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8 weeks pregnant

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hi im 8 weeks pregnant and i have uti and i done urine culture, everybody had experience uti while hands was aching whole day
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From what I'm told, UTI is fairly common during pregnancy, usually in the first and second trimester. Due to the position of the baby, your bladder fails to empty completely, thefore breeding bacteria and causing an infection. It generally does not cause any problems unless it goes untreated, which may cause pre term labor or contractions. I am sure you have been started on antibiotic therapy.

I am 28 weeks pregnant, and have had a bladder infection for the last 5 weeks...antibiotics dont seem to be kicking it out completely. Docs are not too concerned as long as I am on antibiotics.

Hope you are feeling better soon...keep us posted!
8 weeks pregnant

my lupus was ok i take 2 tab of prednisone im scared if prednisone can cause to the baby, i have uti i dont take antibiotics yet. and my hands was aching its hard whole day it hurts so much
Prednisone is VERY safe for the baby and very well may help you have a healthier pregnancy by keeping the lupus under control. It is important that you take the antibiotics, as an untreated UTI while pregnant is not a good thing to do.

Are you taking any other medication for lupus or just prednisone? Were you taken off medications by your doctor?

I have found that infections do lead me to have more achiness, but I'm worried that you may have gone off other medications for lupus and this is why your hands are hurting you so bad. Many medications are safe to take while pregnant, it's important you discuss this matter with your doctor(s) soon!

i have talk to my lupus dr. he said maybe its not for lupus why my hands aching yah only prednisone he gave me. i hope it can ease the pain of my hand god its hard very hard
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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