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A little early..... Merry Christmas

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.....but wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy and peacefull festive time.We are off to a cottage in the middle of a forest for christmas. I am hoping that the break will do me some good, as things ain't great and have had to be stuck back on a hefty dose of steroids, and do feel a little too close for comfort to a total emotional meltdown.

With much love and best wishes at this time, which can be tough for many of us in many ways.

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A Very Happy Christmas to you all x x

Hope you all are well throughout this festive season!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

All the best for 2009

:xtree: Love Mrs M :gifts:
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:rudolph::rudolph::rudolph:HAPPY HEALTHY CHRISTMAS :xtree:
AND ALL THE BEST FOR 2009:party:

You are a great bunch and I really value your support and advice:grouphug2:

Love Rachel
Hello Flutterby :snowflake: :xmas3:

Enjoy your Christmas in a forest. It sounds wonderfully relaxing. I hope it helps you to feel a lot better.

All the best, warmth and well wishes to eveybody using the site.

Take care all! :grouphug2:
A very Happy and Healthy Christmas to everyone on the forum!!!!!!!!:rudolph:


I hope everyone has a wonderful time this Christmas and that 2009 brings us all as much health, joy and happiness as is possible!!!!!!


Dito everyone :snowman3::xmas3::snowflake::rudolph::xmas3:

hugs Lin xx:hehe:
Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday :)

Here is a little festive pic of my new grandson off to meet Santa for the first time :) Well, one has to make the effort these days.... :lol:

Luv n stuff
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You crack me up Joan, he is soooooooooo cute, where did you find such a tiny Santa costume :lol:

A cottage in the forest sounds like bliss Jen, I hope you get a well earned break and some rest and relaxation.

To everyone here have a safe and happy Xmas and for all of us I wish better health and pain free days in the New Year.

You crack me up Joan, he is soooooooooo cute, where did you find such a tiny Santa costume :lol:
Hi Lily - I got it at a department store here. Its an all in one suit - much like a babygro. I just couldnt resist it! I think being a grandma turns us all into gibbering idiots :lol:

Have a very Merry Christmas to everyone. May 2009 bring everyone good health.

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I would like to wish everyone in here a Very Merrry Christmas.I sure hope 2009 leaves us all feeling pretty good and that they make lots of efforts in finding a cure for lupus:).
Joan you have a very handsome grandson.I just love the santa suit ;).

And all the best to you All in the New Year

Sheila xxx
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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

I hope your all feeling well, and enjoy your the fullest.

Joan...your so adorable!..just too cute, for words.

Love You All,
:rudolph: Merry Christmas Everyone! :rudolph:

Hope you all have a lovely day! :xmas3:

Thank-you all for all of your help and support over the past few months :kiss:

Bex x x x x x x x :)
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