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A wierd happening

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Yesterday, I was driving home and it was about 30 something degrees (F) and I got really hot and sweaty and had to remove my jacket and gloves and roll my windows down in the freezing rain to keep from throwing up and passing out. I finally got home and eventually began to feel better. When I got home however, (I am not sure if this is related to the "episode" or not) I looked at my hands and the tops of them, mainly my knuckels, were turning black. I am not exaggerating. They were so black that they looked like they had been beaten and bruised. They returned to normal but they looked for a bit like frost bite. My fingers were not blue or black, they were red, but i really looked frost bitten. They are better now, but I am so confused. I know reynaulds will make your finger nail beds blue, but my knuckles turning black? Has this happened to anyone else?
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the feeling like I am going to pass out is just plain annoying but the hands turning black was a bit disterbing. I decided to call my rheummy to see what she says. I am awaiting her call. I am on Prednisone and I may still have a kidney infection. I just do not know.:eek:
the dr called me back (the nurse) and said that my hands turned back because of Reynaulds. In severe cases, your fingers turn white and your hands and fingers can get so blue that they appear black. I just have to keep my hands bundled and should it get worse or not go away, we can try medication. I think they put you on blood pressure meds for it. She also said the getting hot and sweaty and feeling as though I am going to pass out is probably due to my UTI that I had about a month ago reoccurring.
Yes, I was very lucky yo find such a good dr. I go today to get tested for Lyme disease.

My fingers are turning more colors than they used to. My nails are a lot blue-er than they have been and it occurs more often now. It is colder than it has been in previous months but they were not this bad last winter. My fingers stay pretty white and red and my nails more blue. I call them my amazing technocolor hands!!!
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