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abnormal ekg?

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I had an ekg this morning as a routine first time visit with my new gp.

He said the front waves were abnormal. He was going to contact my prior doctor and get previous ekg results. I had a stress test and ultrasound a few years back maybe 3 or more years and because of palpitations but those also were normal. I have mitro valve prolapse but that does not cause it. He said he wanted to review my prior one and then if I don't hear back by next Friday to call the office. My blood pressure was normal.

I am assuming that if he though emergency he would not let me leave and because my blood pressure was normal ok to leave?

Can Lupus cause this type of test to be abnormal ?
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I'm not at all familiar with this at all. I would take the same reasoning as yours though in that letting you go suggests it's not something that is imminently threatening to you.

I'm just glad you got this test done and are now aware of it, and he's following up on it to look into it further. Hopefully you can talk to him next week after he's reviewed the prior one(s) and can ask him what this likely means for you now and for the future.
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