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Hi Wanda,
I think this question would best be put to an oncologist. They have the knowledge of probabilities.
For myself, mtx put me into early menopause at 38. I stopped having periods after being on it for a couple months. My gyn doctor put me on hormone replacement therapy after I had 3 stress fractures in my legs in 3 months. Fortunately, the fractures stopped and what bone loss I had, I was able to replace with the hrt. I stayed on it until this last January. That makes it about 16 years. I kept up with all my testing during this period and was closely monitored by my gyn doctor.

The reason folic acid is used with mtx is that the two are only one chemical bond apart in structure. So, the folic acid will in effect neutralize the damage to healthy cells that can be done by mtx. The reason that mtx is used for sle is that rapidly dividing cells are killed off by chemo drugs. Inflammatory cells and cancer cells both fall in this category. This will account for joint stiffness or discomfort in the two days following mtx doses. Make sure he knows to stay well hydrated during the period following his mtx dose.
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