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I read up on them while I was reasearching gliomas. The only link I could find was far fetched and delt with TNF (tumor nucrossing factor) It is a cytokine that has something to do with brain immunity. It has been cited as a culprit in photo sensitivity I can't remember if lupus was specifically mentioned in that article but I beleive it was. TNF also has something to do with brain tumors, but my confused mind can't understand the medical lingo right now and I couldn't find a single thing by a doctor speciffically relating lupus to neuromas or gliomas. I just linked both to problems with TNF in my own research ...... soooo your guess is as good as mine. They keep telling me my "abnormality" is most likely unrelated to anything,( even if it is a glioma), but they won't know for sure it is a glioma without a biopsy which is not reccommended at this time as the thing isn't growing. As for now I am just calling it Fred.

There is a woman with lupus and some related conditons and A.N. with a blog on AOL. If you google lupus glioma aol you will find her blog. She was diagnosed with a acustic neuroma a while ago
Let us know how the MRI comes out.
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