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Acupuncture in Chicago?

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I've just moved to Chicago from Los Angeles, where I had an amazing MD at the UCLA East-West Medicine Clinic. The acupuncture was as effective for my aches as the plaquenil has been! Now, though, I don't know where to go, and am getting all my aches back and starting to flare.

The UCLA clinic is so good because they are doctors who specialize in Eastern Medicine, so they can look at your labs and discuss results as well as give you acupressure points. It's not one or the other - Western or Eastern - which is especially important for me as I have a few different things going on and am on close to a dozen meds.

I'd like to find something similar to the East-West Clinic in Chicago or, at least, an acupuncture practitioner who does good work for people with lupus.

Any recommendations? Has anyone in the Chicagoland area had any relief of symptoms with acupuncture treatment?
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I live in a southwest suburb of Chicago. My daughter is a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital downtown, and her boyfriend is an anesthesiologist at St. Joseph's Hospital in Lincoln Park. My son is a nurse at St. Frances Hospital in Evanston. I'm a medical assistant at an Internal Medicine Practice in Lisle.
I don't know of any acupuncturists, but would be happy to "ask around" if you'd like. The doctor I work with is into osteopathy, and is Asian, so she may be a source of info.
Please feel free to contact me if you'd like!!


[email protected]
Thanks! That would be great! Acupuncture has been such a big part of my treatment, so I'd like to find a new, good doctor.
In what part of the city do you live and/or work?? Have you established yet with a rheumatologist?


P.S. University of Chicago Medical Center has a fabulous Alternative Medicine Dept. You can call them at 1-888-UCH-0200 to make an appt. That's one option.
I'm in Lincoln Square, but I'll go wherever. My doctor's office is scheduling my rheumatologist appointment, so it should be soon (I hope!). I'm trying to stay within Northwestern for my regular docs, but I'll look into U of C's program for acupuncture. Thanks! If you know any awesome rheumatologists, let me know, because who knows how it'll go with the one I wind up with. Should be good if they're with Northwestern but you never know.
The doctor I work for did her residency at Northwestern, and knows alot of docs there. I work tomorrow, so I'll ask her about a rheum. My daughter is Patient Care Coordinator for the Orthopedic floor at Northwestern, so I'll email her right now and ask about alternative medicine there, too.

Oh - thanks so much!

It is nice to be back in Chicago, where people are so very helpful!
OK, here you go. My daughter reports that Northwestern has a spine surgeon who does acupuncture in their Center for Integrative Medicine Department. Their number is 312-926-2224. So sorry, I didn't get his name, but call this number, and they can help you.

I don't check these boards too often, so if you need anything else, email me directly at [email protected].

Best of luck!! Carlene
:oops: I spoke with my daughter today, and I misunderstood something she told me. The spinal surgeon she mentioned to me doesn't DO the acupuncture at the Center for Integrative Medicine, but he REFERS all his patients there.

Sorry about any confusion. She did tell me she's asked around a bit more, and heard great things about the center!

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