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:more: :wow: :explain: I have been very much attached to the Travel Channel (here in the US) Right now it is all the searching for treasures shows that have been holding my interest, finding gems, gold, opals, copper, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, jade, turqouise, turmaline, fire agates, so many things you can dig up somewhere in the United States.:lens: :2cents: I have seen probably thirty different shows on varying subjects on treasure hunting:eek: and I am dying to travel to North Carolina and look through buckets of stones for rubies, emeralds and sapphires. That's the closest place to me to go and I would love to take a few days with someone else and look to see what I could find. It is a covered flue, so the sun and weather is not beating down on you:wink2: Then there is of course the strange and different cultural food shows with Anthony Bourdaine, No reservations, and then the Bizarre food guy, I love watching those shows. And then throw into the mix Dave and Olly two UK guys who are living with a "primitive" tribe the MEK in Guinea, and who are adapting to their way of life and learning about their culture. Nothing like seeing a stark white guy with a gourd on his private parts dancing with all the very dark and comfortable looking natives.:eek: At least it is keeping me entertained, and I learn a whole lot while watching. Keeps my mind off of missing Keegan and of being sickly these days. Anything that helps is well worth the watching. Although they do tend to repeat things in different shows. Maybe I can check out another channel because it is repeating now. Despite the fact that television is often a vast wasteland, sometimes I can find something interesting and something to learn, not bad these days. Take care everyone, we are expecting a few more snow flurries tomorrow. Where is Spring?:bunny: :flowery: :flower2: :pansy: Karly
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