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Hi Star

Im sorry to hear about how you have been messed around re the blood tests but mad as heck about that cretin of a dermatologist :mad: He sounds like a total ignoramus and hopefully he will spend the rest of this month with knicker wedgies chaffing his nether regions :mad:

I know how intimidating it feels in these situations. As a patient who is ill it is natural to feel very vulnerable and therefore not at our best. It is the hardest thing to advocate for ourselves in health situations. However practice makes perfect and its good that you are planning well in advance.

First of all dont beat yourself up that you suddenly get all hospital shy. Im pretty sure that happens to every one of us at some stage. I know it happens to me. The best thing you can do is plan what you want to say. He is definitely not the talkative type so you are going to have to take charge of the conversation.

Think about questions you would like answered and write them down on a sheet of paper. Make sure you prioritise what you need to know. Dont have a huge list of things - just enough to make sure that you are in control of the conversation.

At the start of the appointment (or when you consider it the most appropriate time) say something like 'I have x number of questions here that I would like to go through with you and get your response'. I remember the first time I did this and the doctor did sit up and take notice. I had a copy for him which I just placed on top of the file under his nose while I commenced asking my questions. If there is anything you dont understand or you feel he hasnt explained just ask him to run it by you again.

If you feel he is not responding to you or getting irritated or being a moron then it doesnt do any harm to acknowledge that he appears to be very busy but its important that you get these questions answered and there may be someone else on his team who can answer them for you. Bottom line is...dont let him put you off. Just remember to be like a broken record. Repeating and repeating.

You may still at the end of it not get everything answered but you will have changed the dynamic between you both and hopefully it will get better over time.

If he is still being a total idiot and just plain rude - maybe the more direct approach might be needed. Something like 'I am sensing that you might be too busy to answer these questions for me so if there is someone else here I could address them to - that would be great. I dont mind waiting while you get someone' (Smiling sweetly and looking him directly in the eye all the time...)

Of course failing all that you could talk to your GP about getting another referral to a different Dermy? I dont know if thats possible but sometimes thats what it takes.

The very best of luck and remember - there is only one you and you deserve the best possible health care.

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