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advice please Nerve conduction study

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hello my name is tracey hampson.i have had lupus for 9 years and still not stabilised after trying every drug possible to no avail the latest being rituximab but it did not consultant wants me to have a nerve conduction study. has anybody had this and if so what does it consist of and does it hurt. hope you are all well and i would be very grateful for any replies thank you so much tracey::
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Usually, nerve conduction studies are a little bit painful, but not too bad. The study is usually done with small needles, and electrical current. Sounds bad, but it's not! I participated in a study years ago as a control patient and I had the electrical portion of it, but not the needles. There should be others along soon with personal experience, but from what I've heard it's a fairly easy procedure to get through and it's really not bad at all.

How does lupus affect you? Is it CNS lupus? That does seem to be the most difficult to treat adequately from reading the experiences of people on this board and some research. Best of luck to you that something can be done to help.
Hello Tracey and welcome :),

I have had the nerve conduction tests done and they are just a little uncomfortable but nothing more. Really nothing to worry about at all.

I hope that they can find something to give you some relief. It sounds like you have had a pretty tough time of it.

hugs :hug:
thank you

thank you so much for your replies i feel more at ease now i will keep you informed how it goes talk to you again soon take care x x
Hi Tracey

Welcome to the Forum. Im sorry you are having such a rough time with your Lupus.

I had a nerve conduction study done on both arms last January. It wasnt too bad at all. More uncomfortable than anything else. Like little jolts of electricity but very short spurts. The staff were very good and reassuring. If I had to get it done again I wouldnt be worried about it at all. I did hear that it was more painful on the legs though but that was just from another patient sitting there who had it done before. The nurse pointed out that he was a man! :rolleyes: Sorry all you men!

Best of luck
:rotfl: As I'm not a man, I found the legs no worse than the arms :)
I had the test done ages ago and it was more uncomfortable then painful, but it does look a bit freaky when the muscles jump around.:hehe:
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