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Hi, ill keep this short. I'm a 19 year old female, and after visiting the doctor was told i needed blood tests. one of the tests i need is an ANA. i know this is for lupus, and was wondering if anyone here thinks that my symptoms sound like it could be lupus.
for about the last 4 years ive had very bad joint pain in my hips, spine and knees. ive also had acute Urticaria for about the last 7 years. (i know that urticaria can be a symptom of lupus).
i also developed a rash on my hands, which was itchy and took a day or so to go.
i know these arent a lot of symptoms, but when i read the symptom page on this site, a lot of them were relevant to me, such as fatigue and eye problems. ive had eye problems since birth, including conjunctivitis and blepharitis.
Can anyone shed any light on this?
thanks :)
ashli xx
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Know how you feel but be a PATIENT patient!

The diagnosis of Lupus seems to me to be made more from a subjective intake than scientific data. I am not certain anyone can be unequivocally diagnosed as having Lupus. It has taken over three years and two rheumys for me to be given a tentative diagnosis of Lupus, basically being told I have a connective tissue disorder that is reminiscent of Lupus. Needless to say, Lupus presents the GP and Rheumy (s) with a hugely frustrating diagnostic dilemma. There does not seem to be a cookie cutter-like pattern to determining the diagnosis. For example, all of my labs have been marginal (at best). The symptoms that I have experienced are joint pain and swelling and fatigue. I had some low grade fevers, cyclic in nature until I was treated with placquinel and methotrexate. Since then pain has improved but still exist and I have a litte more energy but no fevers.
The trail to treatment is an arduous experience one but hang in there. You are not crazy, although you probably feel that way. This thing takes a toll!
Hopefully you can get treatment soon.
Good luck-
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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