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Hello to everyone,

As some may have followed I have had (like many others) a horrible two years. Parents being ill, living in another country looking after them. Both of them dying within 9 months of each other. Coping with an alcoholic husband, who was in and out of re-hab the last 2 years. And then him telling me he was leaving me before Xmas...(he did too).
I was lame for a while and then I just lay there on the couch going through every scenario that could possible happen. My husband out of work ,,, money is not going to last forever ect. ect.
Many good minded friends giving me advice, some of it helped most of it really didn't.
Sooooooooooo....I've sorted my house out in the UK. it's mine now as I struck while the iron was hot(hubby feeling guilty) and made him sign his half over to me. My pension in the furure. Then i applied to do a course that will give me a real qualification to teach English to foreign students. I didn't think I would pass the entrance exam but I comes the spooky bits...
I was getting low on funds...when the builder in my home town said he'd found some papers in the house. I was over for one day and incl. was a life insurance from my mum I hadn't cash..for exactly the amount I needed. The young couple who want to rent the house asked to move in later a month later.....I can stay there now while I do my course..they will be slowly moving stuff in so I can use it.
The course starts on my birthday....
I was worried about my job here in Germany having to take a month off...but my son's Uni. holidays start on the 16th FEb...for one month so he is going todo some of my job for me.
I am a bit worried I have never had so much good luck in my the Uni. hospital has taken me on as an outpatient too.
Why did my parents die last year...hmm if they hadn't and my hubby had still left me..I would be on a sorry mess now. My mum adored him it would have broken her heart to see all this.
I suppose you really do have to accept things happen for a reason.
Just hope my lucky stream carries on a bit longer....I might even play Lotto
but that's pushing it a bit too much!!!!


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Hi Marika,

I am so so glad to hear that things are going well for you now. I would say that you are long overdue this break of good luck so enjoy it to the full!!

Good luck on that teaching course, I'm sure you can do it. I remember being filled with similar doubts (though I didn't do the course - went a different route) but I know plenty of people who teach English to others and they're not that scary really, just normal people!

thanks for the positive update - it truly is fantastic to hear and you really do deserve it!


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You sure have been having a run of luck, not sure all is good but it is always better to look on the bright side of things. Sometimes it is just not ment to be and it is for the best.

I just wanted to say way to pick yourself up and dust off the old and start a new.

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Well done, you should be proud of yourself! Well done to your kids too!
I had a feeling that you were a survivor and thts definately being prove now!

Take care and chat soon!


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Marika! :wavesmile:

What brilliant, brilliant news!!!!!!!! :excited::cheer2:

I think I know what you mean about being worried when things start going well.... It's very hard to explain, but I too am petrified when things are ok.... It's a very eerie feeling; a feeling that if you relax even a little bit because of all the good things that are happening something bad will just pounce and attack you and your life once more... I think sometimes things go wrong for so long, that we forget that's not the norm and we kind of forget what it's like when things go right! Hopefully things will go right for a long, long time Marika and you'll forget what it's like when things go wrong for a change! :bigsmile:

Best of luck with your teacher course and I hope this good bout continues for a long, long time!!!!!!!!!! :thumbs:


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