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Hi Jenna,

Most of us who have seizures related to CNS involvement have found that anti-seizure meds don't do the trick, getting the Lupus controlled is what helps.

If indicated then Immunosuppressants are usually the drug of choice. Of course when they are at their worst Pred is used to help calm down the inflammation, but as a long term treatment Immuno's work best.

Some people have another scenario whereby they have brain lesions from past flares of Lupus or APS which are causing seizures. Often their Lupus or APS is under good control but the damage done means they have to have an anti-convulsant to stop seizures. These are used in a similar way in other patients in the 'normal' population who have a brain insult from any number of causes.

Hopefully things will settle down for you. You haven't been on Plaquenil very long either I don't think? So there's no reason to think that it alone won't be enough to control your Lupus. It just takes time unfortunately :( but you always have Pred as a backup if you need it until the Plaq does kick in.

I'm glad your episodes seem a bit better controlled now :thumbs: long may it continue.

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