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All of these itchy crazy sun bumps?

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Hi Everyone,

I was at a Birthday party over the weekend for my great niece.

Not one tree in the yard or any shade to be found so I spent some time in the sun.

I did have SPF on but obviously something has gone haywire.

I have these little itchy, fluid filled bumps all over my upper back, chest and upper arms, basically the areas that were exposed to the sun.

Nothing on my face and not typically what I am seeing when I look at pictures of Lupus rashes.

So, here is the Jepordy question.............Is this a Lupus thing?

The itch is maddening!!!:mad::mad::mad:
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I've had the exact same symptoms, usually after getting warm more so than sun exposure. I saw a rheumotologist and asked him about it. He kept repeating over and over "You must use sunscreen. You must use sunscreen." even though I told him I got those tiny blisters after getting over-heated IN THE HOUSE, and wasn't in the sun at all! I'm a medical assistant, and recently had a patient with lupus who told me she gets them too.
I've never had a doctor who could help me with it, but I've had good luck using topical creams, such as Bendryl or Cortaid, and I've taken Benadryl tablets to help them dry up.
As always, though, you should call your doctor before trying anything!!!
Best of luck!!!

Thanks Carlene.

I am guessing that not many people get this type of sun rash???:(:(:(
Hi Karol,

I have no idea if it s typically lupus but it is pretty common in people who are photosensitve. I get that too and have done since I was about eighteen.

If you have any of the "old type" lacto calamine - I believe they don't make it any more - I find it very soothing. Otherwise, go to the chemist's and ask for something (I don't know the English names) for applying to burns (rather than sunburn) that should cool it down fast.

I'd watch that sunscreen. I have found that unless I have SPF 50 on it does me no good and I have even in the past reacted to some suncreens and that made things worse. I haven't had that reaction problem since starting palquenil though I still get slightly pink with SPF 50 and still watch it very very carefully.

You also need to remember that a sunscreen needs reapplying every two hours (no idea how people do that in practice as I find I have to be in my bra to be putting it on...) and that means that if you put it on before leaving, depending on where you're going, you might only get an hour's worth protection out of it.

Being the "nasty" person that I am I actually refuse to go to events unless there is shade. I remember threatenting to spend a whole afternoon in someone's garage alone to avoid the sun - as I was the Godmother of the child whose communion it was, a parasol was quickly produced. Warning people in advance of such things can often avoid a lot of unpleasantness and danger for you.

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Thanks Katharine.

I will heed your advice and warn people ahead of time that I need a shady spot to hide under or I just wont go.
Hello Karol
There is a rare sort of lupus skin called bullous lupus but you'd have to see a dermy to know whether it's that or some non lupus reaction to photoexposure. Clearly you are going to have to take great care. :(

The first line of defence is avoidance. In fact these days nobody should be out in peak sun hours IMO. There's a good reason why Mediterranean countries have siestas. Sun cancer rates are rising alarmingly.

The second line of defence is protection: suitable clothing, hats with brims all round of at least 4", sunglasses, and an umbrella or a parasol if it is specially UV proofed. These are very handy because you can angle them to protect the side of your face.
The third is sunscreen which has to protect against UVA rays too, broad spectrum'. 'SPF' refers only to UVB. Look for products containing Mexoryl uvobenzone, Parsol 1789, zinc and titanium dioxide
You might find soothing after- sun products helpful Test patch first to make sure you aren't allergic to any ingredient especially the lidocaine. I hope it clears up soon Actually diaper rash cream might be helpful for healing but messy to use and I would ask the pharmacist first if it would be OK. Tea tea oil products can promote healing and reduce the chance of infection.
I hope it clears up soon

All the best
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I get these a lot of the time, all over my fingers and my hands

My doctor gave me some steroid creams and i put it on when it happens, usually clears up within a day or so :)
Thanks Clare.

You are all so informative and supportive.

I appreciate your help.

What did I say in chat 'nappy cream' "Sudacrem" (just like Clare suggested) - I use it for all sorts of skin problems!

If not 'calomine', aqueious or lotion - alongside a antihistamine!

As I said I get that reaction - did not think it was rare at all as my familiy get it too!

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