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Hi, my kids are a bit older 14,10,6 but I know what you mean. I've been pretty sick for 2 1/2 years straight, missed a lot of kid events and such but we are learning how to cope better now.

First, I do get counseling on how to deal with a chronic illness and the changes it has brought to my life and family - this has been very helpful and gives me good ideas/tools.

We have come up with different kinds of things we can do during quiet times when I'm not well.

I recently stopped working which has made more time for the kids which they like (there was very little time for them prior as I just worked and rested).

We implemented a family game/movie night which all the kids seem to enjoy and look forward to.

We also had to cut back their activities a bit so my hubby can manage if I can't drive. They are still very active but it was out of control before.

My middle daughter is the worrier so we sit down with her every so often and ask if she has questions, she use to want to 'fix mommy' but now we talk to her 'and let her know she is doing all she should be for a 10 year old girl. She seems to be handling things better.

The guilt seems to have gone down since I stopped working and can be there for them more. And if there is something I need to attend I rest the entire day before if I can. Try not to feel guilty because it is not your fault. As your children grow so will there understanding.

I hope you are feeling well.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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