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For 25 years I have received allergy shots, for house dust, mites, molds, trees, grasses and weeds. I first received them in Colorado before I found out in California in 1994 that I had Lupus SLE. I have received them all this time.

Now, I may have to pay for the first time in my life for co-pays for my allergy shots, (I guess Part B drug) - I am on medicare with an insurance company that I have instead of medicare, which is charging the co-pays for each shot).

Does anyone one there have Lupus and really need allergy shots or tried going off them with Lupus SLE that truly has allergies? I have also had 3 sinus surguries so I truly have an issue with sinusitis and have had bronchitis and slight asthma.

I am very disappointed in this most recent finding with the co-pays. I think the insurance company is incorrect in charging me for the administration of the shot. I can see paying a co-pay for the serum 2 times a year when they make it but not each injection. My Lupus Dr. said I need the shots, other Doctors disagree and I am confused.

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