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I am starting to think so : (
I will tell you all what I am going through and you tell me what it sounds like to you. I am a 32 year old woman.

Started about 4 years ago, I went numb on my right side, with horrible headache, they could not find anything, so they run a LYMES, came back positive, but when they ran the western blot not all bands were positive, so it was a false positive.
Numbness in right hand has never gone away. Right hand is always cold and blue, Symptoms from that point on just start adding and adding. Here's my list w/ dates and possible Diagnosis.

1.Shoulder pain- ongoing and they have no answer for that
2.Back pain- chalked it up to endometriosis- still never got actual answer
3.Endometriosis-had total hysterectomy(january 08) after having abdominal pain for 2 yrs... pain not gone
4.rash on my scalp that comes when shoulder and flanks start hurting
too many uti's and kidney infections to count (3 this year already)
5. round rash on arms that they said was either ringworm or flea bites, nothing took rash away, prednisone put me in hospital with kidney infection after i took it for the rash
6.swollen abdominal lymph nodes and swollen node behind ear
7. purple spots on my back (i googled this it looks like LIVEDO retic) this also is on my legs and upper arms
8. as of recently they are trying to rule out IBD, i also have h. pylori (and gastritis/ulcers)
9. i have gained 12 lbs in less than 2 weeks
10. In the 2weeks, everything has started to swell, i was awakened by my fingers so swollen my ring was turning it purple. My toes look like little sausages, my face and eyes also swollen along with my abdomen, along with constant nausea, low grade fever
11. In the past few days, I have developed a rash (blood looking spots) under my eyes and on my nose, along with bruises on my feet

I feel like someone threw me out of a plane or puhed me down a big hill. Everything hurts constantly and I am just at my wits end, I went to the ER and they act like I am some crazy person who just wants drugs or something. I have been through so much and I hate to be treated like I am crazy or making this up.
I decided this morning to take matters into my own hands, I made an appt with a Rheum. doc, I see her Wednesday.
I just want to start feeling like someone is listening, and that these symptoms mean something.
Any feedback is appreciated.

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I believe maybe 1 or 2 of the bands were positive, I did however have to take doxycycline still. I am just hoping that she at least gets the ball rolling on Wednesday because it is horrible to be in pain.
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