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I agree that there should definately be more talk about Lupus, I did start seeing the commercials for Lyrica for fibro (which I am on) but honestly when I was diagnosed 2+ yrs ago I was like [email protected]?:? I had no clue what it was and I was just diagnosed, I remember getting a tiny pamphlet(sp) from the doctor and very little in terms of defining the disease it took my own research from libraries and internet and new rheum to get answers and I still think I get more from the books and internet than even the doctors.:wall:
I remember watching Americas next top model a few yrs ago and a girl with lupus was runner up and she educated the house about it, it was interesting to see because no one ever talks about it, I have watched ER for every yr since the pilot and I think they had one show that mentioned "check for lupus":what: thats it? Anyway I wear my purple bracelet that says someone you know has lupus and I have many butterfly rings to open discussions and bring awareness I even have a purple ribbon antenna topper and a magnet on my car that says find a cure for lupus, so I am trying to bring awareness myself, its just frustrating!!:sadwalk:
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