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Hi Freya,

When I was working everyone relied on my memory and organizational skills. When I started having little slips here and there I brushed it off because my friends in my same age group were mentioning the same thing. When they increased I mentioned it to my rheumy and he said it was expected with my medications. I noticed that it was much worse when I was tired so I tried to get more sleep. That didn't work, I was just in a fog all day.

The day I sat at my desk and had no idea how to do something I had done every day for 14 years, I knew I wasn't just having what I jokingly called senior moments. Testing showed I did have memory loss and periventricular white matter lesions.

Since then I have done a fair amount of research and found doctors are finally studying what we all call brain fog. Most Lupus patients I know do have some form of memory loss. The extent does vary. Definitely mention it to your doctor and stress how it is affecting your work.

Take care,
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