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Hello Freya
I am so sympathetic. I feel like a cretin compared with how I used to be but I think it is as much due to getting old, and having a lot of worries on my mind. But I once took a medicine that rendered me a witless zombie with no short term memory at all. It was fantastic for my skin problems - I woke up one morning with a completely clare -haha I mean clear - face. Luckily I didn't have to decide between brain and beauty because I got a clinically unacceptable side effect so I had to stop taking it.

Apart from getting B12 checked, there's the possibility of cognitive problems being caused by thyroid, antiphospholipid antibodies,fibromyalgia even diabetes, depression and of course the anxiety it provokes makes things even worse.
Are all your other symptoms well controlled? If not or even if they are, maybe you could do with an additional med. Maybe a low dose aspirin could help some. Many of us are on low dose aspirin anyway.
Mepacrine ( US Quinacrine) can be added to the Plaquenil to excellent effect. It is well known as a cortical stimulant and can provide additional disease modification working synergistically with the Plaquenil. You might be able to reduce or even get off the Prednisone. A bit of azathioprine /Imuran could help all round too.

In one study 70% of lupus patents showed cognitive malfunction compared with 20% controls. Dr Wallace mentions trycyclic and SSRI antidepressants as possible helps - many doctors think that lupus patients have serotonin problems even if they are not clinically depressed. He also mentions DHEA as helping in some cases although that is not available in the UK outside of the rare hospital setting; St John's Wort, although there are many contraindications and interactions with that, cognitive therapy, biofeedback and ginkobiloba. That too needs to be tried with caution as it can thin the blood and and there may be other contraindications. Check them out on non commercial sites before trying them and you must let your doctors know, - any doctor or dentist, before surgery for example

Good Luck
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