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Hi Amanda and welcome :)

I'm sorry to hear that you are being investigated for lupus though, at this stage, I am sure that you would be happy to finally find out what is wrong with you. I know I was when I finally got my diagnosis.

Diagnosis can take an awful long time as these diseases are pretty complex.
Has your GP referred you to a rheumatologist yet? That would be the best place to start.

It's also pretty useful to take a look at the "not yet diagnosed" section where you can find info on the criteria and alternative criteria for diagnosing lupus.

keep us posted on how things go and we'll be here to try and answer any questions you many have,


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Hi amanda and welcome to the site where do you come from if you do have lupus this is the best place to come to you will be made welcome from and if you have any questions to ask there is always someone to offer you advice and make you feel at home keep us posted on how you go with your results Elisabeth:) :)

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I went to see a consultant for a lump in my breast and it was her that has made the refferal for further investiagtions . I have been having several periods of illness since my little boy was born in 2006 .

Including :

Joint pain
mouth ulcers
night fevers
red rash to face
recurrent symptoms of uti
chest pain
swollen glands
sores in nose
bleeding gums
burning easily after sun exposure ( i have dark skin and usually tan easily )
small petichaie to arms / breast s
lump in breast - ? cause

I have been seen by gp several times who has confirmed a high esr , with a normal crp these were consistant over a 6m period but he still insists on repeating them and general observation at the moment.

I also have urine sample s showing a high white cell count which is not improving after 3 doses of antibiotics , i also have a high protein count in my urine .

My mum was diagnosed with lupus in 1991 , i am just glad that finally someone has listened the symptoms usually appear if i have worked night s or have been in a stressful situation .

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Hi there and welcome to the site.

It is a great place for support and information. I hope that your doctor will be able to find out what is going on and start you on some sort of treatment.

Welcome again, and nice to meet you.

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Its a great group here. Loads of information and Everyone is so supportive. Any questions about lupus just ask.

Sheila xox
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