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Hi all,

I wanted to report that I do not have to stop taking Enbrel which is what I feared. Apparently I do have a very low titer of dsdna but nothing to worry about and that it is now apparently very common for those on Enbrel. I will be getting a copy of all of my bloodwork and then making a list of questions to ask at my next appt. What I do need to do is to see a Cardiologist and have my heart checked out.

The Prednisone burst last week was wonderful, while I was on it, and I was able to accomplish some errands that needed to be done. I did pace myself and didn't do near as much as I might have. Today the edema is back already and will be staying around until we see what a cardiologist has to say. Other than edema are there other symptoms that those of you with heart involvement have dealt with over the years?

I am still recovering from the Prednisone withdrawal that started on Saturday but each day is better than the last.


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Hi Karen,

What great news that you don't have to quit Enbrel. :yahoo:

I hope and pray that you will find the cause of the edema.

I had an enlarged heart and my ejection fraction was 35%. What put me in the hospital was a pain that wouldn't go away. Right in the middle of my chest. They did an echo and saw what my heart was doing. This was all before my dxed with sle.

Take care.

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Glad to hear the good news about the Enbrel Karen. As for me, my first heart attack was at age 46, but the sle had damaged my heart and filled my arteries before I got diagnosed. The adema was a constant, as well as nasty fatigue, chest pains, shortness of breath, etc.

Now, three years later, I just have the occasional shortness of breath or angina. AND the adema cleared of it's own volition. :cheer2: Nothing to worry about. I hope you stay symptom free as well!!

Love, Pollyanna

ps: If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. I'm assuming here that you know what to look for... :)
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