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I've replied about coeliac disease in your other post (about gluten etc). The camera down your throat is actually an important test for coeliac disease, and if you are offered this, then I'd suggest you take it. I'd also suggest having this one done before they consider doing one from the other end. Its not a big deal. They give you a sedative. I have had several of these (endoscopies) and almost as soon as the tube is in my mouth I'm away with the fairies and don't notice anything until its all over again. Just DON'T change your diet until after all these investigations are over - once you go on a gluten free diet, then everything returns to normal (blood tests and the changes in the bit below your stomach that they look at with the camera). They need to see the changes to diagnose. If you do have coeliac disease, then this will totally explain the anaemia, as well as B12 deficiency, folate deficiency and all sorts of other malabsorption problems. If the tests do show coeliac disease, then you will be given advice on the gluten free diet, which isn't as bad as it sounds and quite easy to get used to.

On a slightly different note, I just really can't believe that doctors don't routinely do the blood screening tests for coeliac disease when they find ongoing anaemia, or B12 or folate deficiencies. Medical knowledge about coeliac disease has improved dramatically over the last 10 years and yet there are still GPs and specialists who are really totally in the dark about this.
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